Stay top of customer’s mind by regularly connecting with them on their mobile messaging app.

Modern messaging standard aiming to replace outdated SMS and MMS technology. Think of it as an upgrade for your texting experience.


Why it matters?

imgReplaces outdated SMS limitations with a more feature-packed experience.

imgAims to be the future of mobile messaging, similar to how iMessage works for iPhones.

imgSupported by many major carriers worldwide.

img Used by various messaging apps, including Google Messages.

imgStill evolving, with features and availability expanding.

Group Chat Bliss

Rename, edit, and even escape group chats with ease. No more chaotic group threads!

Wi-Fi Friendly

Send messages over Wi-Fi, saving data and staying connected even in remote areas. Freedom from roaming charges!

Security Boost

Enjoy end-to-end encryption for select chats, keeping your conversations private. Peace of mind included!


Multimedia Magic

Share high-resolution photos, videos, and GIFs like never before. Say good bye to blurry memories!

Typing Peekaboo

Know when someone’s crafting a reply, keeping the conversation flowing. No more agonizing wait times!

Read Receipts, Delivered

See when your message lands and gets read, avoiding the “seen” drama. Transparency is key!


Think of it as a more feature-rich, secure, and future-proof way to text, replacing the limitations of old-school SMS.

Our Exciting Features

  • img Integration with business services for chatbots and customer support.
  • img Send and receive high-resolution photos and videos without size limitations.
  • img Chat features like group chats, typing indicators, and read receipts.
  • img End-to-end encryption (available in specific apps like Google Messages).
  • img Voice over IP (VoIP) calling within the messaging app itself.
  • img Location sharing for easier meetups or directions.
  • img File sharing of larger documents and multimedia content.