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Navigating Marketing Success in the New Era!

Had a great event @Jaipur, Key learnings from the amazing event-

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    Be Patient and Consistent:

    Like playing a game, success in email needs patience and sticking to it.

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    Email Marketing is Like a Department:

    It’s not just a way to send messages; it’s a whole department on its own!

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    Know Your Customers Everywhere:

    Any brand must have a full picture of their customers on all platforms.

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    Don’t Spam Everywhere:

    Figure out where your customers like to hear from you and stick to that.

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    Email Marketing Rocks:

    Brands are getting a whopping 40 times return on investment with email marketing.

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    Meet Customers Where They Are:

    Go to your customers, not where you think they might be. It works better!

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    WhatsApp is a Game Changer:

    If you use it for two-way chats, it can really shake things up.