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A great on boarding experience gets the customer fired up about your company and

Answer your customer FAQs automatically with whatsalili & Chatbot

A great on boarding exlierience gets the customer fired uli about your comliany and drives adolition, while a bad on boarding sets a lioor tone for the relationshili and makes it tough to drive Adolition and Renewal.

  1. A great on boarding exlierience gets the customer fired uli about your comliany and drives adolition, while a bad on boarding sets a lioor tone for the relationshili and makes it tough to drive Adolition and Renewal.
  2. Smooth handoff from Sales to Customer Success
  3. Identify customerโ€™s desired outcomes
  4. Gather key data lioints about customer to ensure desired outcomes
  5. Guide the customer through the on boarding lirocess
  6. See liroduct usage
  7. Reliort on lirogress
On-board Adopt โ€“ Renew Grow
Why D2C brand should be on WhatsApp Cloud API
  1. Acquisition cost will be super low using fb and instagram ads
  2. Acquisition cost will be super low using fb and instagram ads
  3. Post purchase support on WhatsApp
  4. Up Sell & Cross Sell using Personalised Campaign and Recommendation
How to Create a Catalog using WhatsApp?

Step 1: Creates a business catalog on the FB Commerce Manager.

Step 2: Assign the Catalog to the WhatsApp Business Account.

Step 3: Business then can send single or multiple product messages to customers with the help of Catalog API.

Step 4: Start receiving orders from customers.

Step 5: Send payment link based on cart value.

  1. Only one Catalog is allowed per WhatsApp Account.
  2. You can generate custom payment link from payment gateways like razorpay, stripe etc.

The WhatsApp Catalog API allows business to sell their products on WhatsApp. This enables customers to evaluate and add products into cart directly on WhatsApp, eliminating the need to switch between WhatsApp and Website. Creating a better shopping experience for customers by providing complete circle of commerce within the WhatsApp chat.

Meta started to accept Indian credit and debit card as payment options for WhatsApp Cloud API.

What it means to Indian brand ?
  1. You can directly work with meta for WhatsApp Cloud API. So you need to pay WhatsApp BIC and UIC charges to meta.
  2. You donโ€™t need to spend money for server space for WhatsApp Docker, as it directly hosted and managed by meta on cloud.
What you require once you got WhatsApp Cloud API from Meta ?
  1. A middleware which connect your WhatsApp account to WhatsApp Management System (WMS).
  2. WMS help you to automate conversation, allow multiple agents to communicate with your customer via single number and gives ability to run WhatsApp campaign so you can send WhatsApp messages to millions of people.
Generate Qualified Leads by combination of Missed Call System + WhatsApp Chatbot.
  1. Setup Virtual Missed Call Number
  2. Promote Missed Call Number on Social Media, TV Advertisement, Outside Advertising Boards etc.
  3. Connect Missed Call System and WhatsApp Business API number using Web hook Call.
  4. Trigger WhatsApp Template Message with CTA / Quick Reply on Missed Call.
  5. Automate WhatsApp journey using chatbot for lead nurturing and qualification.
  6. Send qualified leads to CRM or Trigger WhatsApp Message with Lead Details to SDR for immediate follow up.
  1. Higher Inbound Leads.
  2. Automate Lead Qualification .
  3. Quicker resolution by connecting prospect to SDRs.
  4. Higher Conversion Rates.

Interested for similar solution for your brand, connect with me. We will map entire strategy for your brand.

Generate Qualified Leads by combination of Missed Call System + WhatsApp Chatbot.
  1. Setup Virtual Missed Call Number
  2. Promote Missed Call Number on Social Media, TV Advertisement, Outside Advertising Boards etc.
  3. Connect Missed Call System and WhatsApp Business API number using Web hook Call.
  4. Trigger WhatsApp Template Message with CTA / Quick Reply on Missed Call.
  5. Automate WhatsApp journey using chatbot for lead nurturing and qualification.
  6. Send qualified leads to CRM or Trigger WhatsApp Message with Lead Details to SDR for immediate follow up.
  1. Higher Inbound Leads.
  2. Automate Lead Qualification .
  3. Quicker resolution by connecting prospect to SDRs.
  4. Higher Conversion Rates.

Chatbot analytics are the measures to analyze how well your chatbot is performing and to make sure that it is aligned with your businessโ€™s goals and customer expectations. There are three types of metrics to measure the overall chatbot system performance- ๐—•๐—ผ๐˜ ๐—ฃ๐—ฒ๐—ฟ๐—ณ๐—ผ๐—ฟ๐—บ๐—ฎ๐—ป๐—ฐ๐—ฒ ๐— ๐—ฒ๐˜๐—ฟ๐—ถ๐—ฐ๐˜€, ๐—”๐—ด๐—ฒ๐—ป๐˜ ๐— ๐—ฒ๐˜๐—ฟ๐—ถ๐—ฐ๐˜€ ๐—ฎ๐—ป๐—ฑ ๐—จ๐˜€๐—ฒ๐—ฟ ๐— ๐—ฒ๐˜๐—ฟ๐—ถ๐—ฐ๐˜€.

Each type of metrics is aligned towards a specific goal and is essential in leading and managing strategic projects of all kinds. We here have a series explaining each type of metrics, starting with Bot Performance Metrics.

WhatsApp makes all efforts for a business to easily onboard with them using WhatsApp Cloud API!

Businesses can now directly connect with Facebook and get their WhatsApp Cloud API without any hassle and with the lowest turnaround time.

WhatsApp Business Cloud API affiliates a business to send and receive messages, even without the cost of hosting their own servers!

Key Benefits of WhatsApp Business Cloud API:-
  • Go live in no time
  • Easy implementation & maintenance
  • Pay as you go plans

Every business expects their support team to handle two things: to be able to resolve customer queries satisfactorily on time and provide delightful customer experiences. For that, it is necessary to handle volumes of customer queries on time and with accuracy. Trust us, good customer experience is a key differentiator.

Thatโ€™s when the live chat system needs to be smart. Our platform consists of agent-friendly features that can help agents in handling conversations with ease. Power up agentโ€™s productivity to support customers in no time with Kevit to deliver a holistic customer support experience.

  • Expand agentโ€™s reach to all channels with Omni Channel Inbox. Quickly respond to conversations from any channel with the history of every message with customer profiles in hand to the agents.
  • Use an Internal Knowledge Base to help agents provide any information instantly to save time on repetitive queries with answers ready at their fingertips.
  • Help agents decrease response time with ready to deliver pre-saved answers called Cannes Responsesand save time in case of repetitive queries.
  • Relieve agents from the burden of workload by smartly assigning the chat to the agent with minimum traffic with.Load Balancing
  • Escalate unsolved queries from one agent to another to maintain the response accuracy with Agent Escalation.


๐Ÿณ๐Ÿฌ% Increase in CSAT scores.

๐Ÿด๐Ÿฏ% of people claim to have experienced better customer support.

๐Ÿฒ๐Ÿด% of agents report that chat automation and agent assist can help ease their burden and boost efficiency.

Setting up a WhatsApp chatbot is one thing and getting qualitative lead traffic on your bot is another. While getting a chatbot to automate customer support on WhatsApp chats is the foremost step for a business, driving users to that bot and nurturing leads becomes the second most crucial step to be followed.

The above can be easily accomplished by strategic placing of your WhatsApp chatbot. Sweet Spot(s) should be reserved for the positioning of the chatbots. This could be achieved in multiple ways:
  • Drive more engagement with Reference URLs and QR Codes.
  • Channelize traffic from website to WhatsApp with Web WhatsApp.
  • Include other communication channels to redirect leads to your WhatsApp chatbot like Facebook Ads.
  • Attract fresh customers with Display Ads and instantly redirect them to your WhatsApp bot.

Convert your hard earned every web visitors into customers with Web Bot Solutions !! Now your sales team do not need to wait till customer invoke communication!! Your sales team proactively can reach to them contextually!!

Be a part of colorful culture and build creative products for next generation millennials

Decoding Conversation Based Pricing of WhatsApp Business API โœจโœจ

From June 2023, WhatsApp will switch from notification based pricing to conversation based pricing. So let’s understand how businesses can take leverage of this new pricing for increasing customer experience & sales.

There are two types of conversations in WhatsApp Ecosystem

  1. User Initiated Conversations (When user try to reach business)
  2. Business Initiated Conversations (When business try to reach customer)

Note: All conversation based pricing measured by first message is delivered by business whether in response to user query or alert initiated by business.

Big Question – How businesses will be charged and take leverage of this policy to increase ROI ?

1. When user initiated conversation will not be charged ?
When users reach to business by clicking on WhatsApp Ads or Click to Action button on FB Page [ FB want businesses to use ads or promote their pages, so social business ecosystem can be built successfully]

2. When user initiated conversation will be charged ?
When users reach to business via direct message, links, website or any other medium at that time business need to pay for that conversation.

3. How business initiated conversation will be charged ?
In 24 hour, Whatever no. of alerts or updates send by business will be charged as one conversation. So businesses can send as many messaged as they want in 24 hour window and they just need to pay for one conversation only. [Major boost for travel, finance, banking & e-commerce industry]

Above all, WhatsApp is also launching free tier of 1000 conversations ๐Ÿคฉ , where businesses will not be charged for first 1000 conversations whether its user initiated or business initiated.

Exciting time ahead for businesses to take leverage of Chat Automation ๐Ÿค– on most loved channel WhatsApp ๐Ÿคฉ

Omni Channel Chat Automation Insights ๐Ÿ’ญ ๐Ÿค”

After creating 100+ bots for enterprises, I would like to share my understanding of users who talk with bot ๐Ÿค– ๐Ÿ’ก.

  1. Customers would be more comfortable talking with the bot if they have been informed that they have been talking with a bot.
  2. Customers prefer to get things done rather than have long conversations.
  3. In initial conversations, they prefer to get guidance to use the bot rather than leaving on their intelligence.
  4. They don’t mind giving an email, a name if that is really helps to solve their problems.
  5. Majority of them prefer to talk with human for L2 queries rather than hoping the bot understand intents.
  6. Majority of customers traverse through a tree to solve their problems.

I hope the above insights help enterprises to create meaningful customer journeys. ๐Ÿค—

Bringing your business on popular messaging channels like WhatsApp & RBM is good, Automating these messaging channels and conversations with the help of chatbots is great! But do you know what could be the greatest way for your brand to gain trust of your customers?

It’s a Verified Brand Identity on your messaging channels. The green badge B next to the contact’s name confirms that this is an authentic and notable business account.

There is no better way to build a one-on-one connection with the lead and your business. They deliver you Increased open rates, click-through rates, and can make the user experience as engaging as they can. However, so many business leaders are missing out on so many opportunities by not leveraging Facebook Messenger Chatbots or by not using them to their fullest potential.

Here are some reasons why you should leverage the Facebook Messenger Chatbot for your marketing strategies to raise brand engagement.

WhatsApp has given a major boost to businesses to tap into a huge growth. A conversational engagement between a brand and a consumer will eventually facilitate a new sale or make a customer happy.

Below article, details on New WhatsApp Features every business must leverage in 2020.

At Kevit, we serve you to achieve a Conversational AI solution that will not only help to serve your audience but also provide satisfactory business goal achievement. Get WhatsApp Business for having your company on the most demanded messaging application worldwide.

Engage with over 1 billion active users worldwide on one of the most popular platform Instagram with the help of Conversational AI.
  • Address urgent inquiries
  • Make personalized recommendations
  • Close sales
  • Build meaningful relationships

The time of crazy shopping is coming! Deliver a better user experience and maximize your profits year-round with AI-Powered chatbots.

Also, cut down the stress of your marketers and support agents by handling your sales with complete automation.

  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • Attract more customers
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Simplify the purchasing process
  • Collect customer data
  • Automate returns
  • Gather feedback
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An Email Marketing consultant can provide numerous benefits to your business by

How can an Email Marketing consultant help your business?

Target Keywords- Email consultancy, Ecommerce email marketing, Email marketing specialist, Bulk email marketing services

Do you ever wonder why your competitors are ahead of you in marketing?

Or how are they getting good numbers in business even when you two cater almost the same thing?

The possible reason behind this could be the lack of a good “email marketing specialist.”

Today, almost everyone we get to see in our daily lives has an email address. Gone are the days when it was limited to people who were elite or who had an education.

You, as an organization or even as an individual, cannot miss out on 3.93 billion users of email, as they could be the target you have wanted to get hold of for a long time.

Email address is required for almost everything these days, and that’s what makes e-commerce email marketing even more important.

You know you require an email consultancy when you are not able to land into emails of prospective clients, your emails bounce back, or you get automatically blocked.

With the help of an email marketing specialist, you can reach a larger audience in a breath and grab their attention towards your business and services.

Email marketing made easier

Email marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is easier on the surface but requires ample knowledge and skills. An email campaign is not the usual email you send to people on your email list.

Campaign emails require the creativity and effort that an email marketing specialist can offer you. Their way of writing marketing emails is unconventional and can grab a lot of attention from the recipients towards your business.

Cost and time effective

Hiring an email consultancy that provides bulk email marketing services helps you cut down on the high cost of email marketing and provides you with spare time to focus on planning and designing new products/services.

Email marketing requires you to know all the latest trends and knowledge to make a campaign that bestows you with good ROI. If you and your employees lack knowledge about email marketing, you are required to learn it. Learning is a tedious task and requires you to invest your money and time.

So, to save your time and money, invest in email consultancy to excel in your business and drive more sales.

Personalization of campaigns

It all goes in vain if you do not personalize each email as per the demographics and interest area of the email recipient. An email marketing specialist helps you cater personalized and customized campaigns to your potential customers.

Personalization elevates your chances of having a sale, and it is only possible when you have someone who dedicates enough time analysing and observing your email list. That someone for your business’s elevated sales and personalization is none other than an email consultant.

Well-filtered email list

Your business should have a filtered and segmented email list for a successful campaign. An email consultancy helps you cater the right campaign to the right audience by creating a well-filtered and nurtured email list.

Also, when you are not able to figure out what is wrong or off with your campaign, email marketing specialist comes into action. The specialist helps you to see pitfalls in your bulk email marketing services.

The email consultancy fixes the pitfalls once they are known and curateโ€™s emails that are compelling and triggering to elevate your business by increasing click-through rates.

Email Automation

Efficiency is the key to success. If you cannot work efficiently, there’s no point in working hard. In business, you should focus on retaining the clients. You can retain clients by sending them tailored content, and it is possible with the automation of emails.

The Email consultancy helps you with automation and curates content to save you time. Automation emails ensure timely and compelling responses to the clients. Email marketing specialists help you in setting up a proper workflow. They create welcome emails and quick responses so that there’s no communication gap.

Now, “How to begin the journey, and what to expect from an email marketing specialist?” must be on your list of questions. So, to address that, below are some of the most significant concepts.

  • Check whether or not the marketing specialist has the creative and technical skills to deliver campaigns. You can even request them to share their portfolio.
  • Are they capable enough to curate successful campaigns along with the strategies required?
  • How good are they with tools like SEO and SMM, and tools that are essential for email marketing other than these two?

Hiring does not mean you are done with the work, to get the best results out of the hired consultancy, make sure to do the following things-

  • Organize regular meetings and conferences with them. Meetings will give you an idea of whether or not you two are on the same page. Also, during the meetings, you can convey your expectations to them.
  • Review their strategy for the ongoing and upcoming campaigns. If required, suggest changes to the specialist and then give a thumbs up to launch it.
  • Stay patient after the launch of the campaign, as the result might take some time. After the launch, you will get an idea about who your target audience is and what’s their reaction to your campaign.
  • You, as a business, should always keep an eye on the campaign to see whether or not email consultancy is of any use. One’s you the know reactions and your target audience go ahead with measuring the ROI. You can also see the performance of the email campaign by looking at the number of click-through rates, click-to-open rates, unsubscribe rates, etc.

To conclude, if you want to excel in the game of email marketing and want to have a blockbuster business, you should go ahead and invest in email consultancy. It will give you support throughout your journey of e-commerce email marketing.

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That’s the trend nowadays. Salesforce says that 67% of marketing leaders use a…

10 Reasons to Use Marketing Automation

Target Keywords- Marketing automation service, Marketing Automation, Marketing automation consultancy

Marketing automation is a cost-effective solution that allows you to save a lot of time. It empowers you to invest time in your other critical/essential projects. It helps you bog off the burden of manual marketing. Managing marketing tasks and communication becomes uncomplicated with marketing automation services.

Marketing automation software and tools help you as a business in nurturing your leads. It enables you to generate and convert more and more leads. The use of software reinforces the catering of relevant content to the target audience.

To have a better understanding of marketing automation, below are the ten reasons why you should consider going through that-

1- Better awareness and engagement

The role of marketing is to spread awareness about a product or service. Marketing automation consultancy backs you in this task by fostering the delivery of considerable and better content to a big chunk of the population. These days, there are ample numbers of tools that allow you to cater and analyze your marketing from a single roof.

We can automate services now instead of doing it manually. Marketing automation lets us invest time in the research and development process of creating a new campaign. The automation tools help you have better awareness and engagement by giving you the time window to pitch yourself to more and more people.

2- Regain lost customers

As a business, you can cut down on the churning rate by investing in marketing automation consultancy. The percentage of churn rate keeps fluctuating, but you need not worry about that if you use marketing automation in your firm. People leave, but you can always earn them back by preparing a separate email list to send personalized content. Start sending emails to lost customers only after one month of their cancellation.

The organizations often try to gain back the lost customers by offering them discounts on services. If the discount policy does not work for you, you can send them a survey email to find out what made them cancel their contract with your company. The survey can even include questions about what the new company they are associated with and the offerings they are providing.

3- Easier cross-channel campaigns

Marketing automation consultancy helps you engage with your potential customers on every platform. You can run campaigns on your website and platforms that your customers use. The cross-channel campaign would not be possible if you do not have marketing automation.

Running campaigns on different platforms allows you to showcase your product and services at regular intervals to your clients. Cross-channel campaigning keeps you in your customerโ€™s eyes and minds always.

4- Generation and Scoring of Leads

You require a lead to run a campaign. No leads or less database means no campaign. Marketing automation helps you in generating and scoring leads. Lead scoring is giving points to leads, the more the engagement, the more the score. The points depend on the click-through and click-to-open rates of an email and your website.

Marketing automation consultancy helps you generate leads with the help of CTAs, chatbots, surveys, and forms. The role of all these is to appeal to the reader to book their demo session or go through your website. Through forms and CTAs, you get the required personal information from the visitor or email recipient, which you can use later for conversion.

5- Less social media usage

Before marketing automation came into existence, marketing teams had to spend hours and hours on social media to post stuff. It required a lot of hard work as things were manual. Each post on different platforms took extra time and effort from the employee.

But with the coming of marketing automation, you can post social media posts or campaigns with just a click. Your employees can schedule posts for one week in a go. With marketing automation, you can post content on various accounts with just a click, and this saves you a lot of time.

6- Better return on investment

Marketing automation consultancy has the calibre to provide you with good ROI in less time. Companies start experiencing and observing righteous revenue generation within a year of marketing automation. The success rate of both the campaign and the company is higher in the case of businesses with automated marketing. If you go ahead and subscribe to marketing automation services, you will see that your conversion rates are better than before.

A better and higher conversion rate means a better return on investment. If you have automation in marketing, all you have to do is review the campaigns from time to time after the launch to rectify mistakes or work on feedback. Otherwise, you donโ€™t have to work on the campaign, and it will still generate revenue for you.

7- Alignment of sales and marketing teams

More often than usual, you are not able to perform well because you lack coordination in your sales and marketing team. Miscommunication can also be another reason for this, so to perform well and do good in business, align both teams.

Marketing automation is yet again helpful in alignment as it equips you with a platform where you can store in a single place. Both teams can access that data and work efficiently. It ensures that the two teams are on the same page and are working towards attaining the same goal.

8- Decreased churn rate and increased customer retention

One of the reasons that you generate less ROI could be a high churn rate. You can work on reducing churn rate by ensuring that you donโ€™t end up sending sales emails or campaigns to your already existing customers, and this is possible only when you have marketing automation software.

You can send information about new updates or services rather than sending sales emails. When you send emails containing information about a new feature or update, it increases your chances of upselling a product or service. With this strategy, your existing customer will not replace you or go to another consultancy.

9- Enhance and automate more than email

Marketing automation makes your email marketing game stronger. It helps you curate compelling and personalized emails for your potential customers. Marketing automation consultancy analyses your lead’s demographics and caters/delivers email campaigns accordingly. They send emails that are of your client’s interest and requirements.

No doubt automation is beneficial for email marketing but is not limited to just email marketing. It is helpful in various other tasks like lead generation and nurturance, social media marketing, etc. Marketing automation makes tedious tasks less tedious and efficient with less effort.

10- Asset for Team Members

Marketing automation services are there to complement your team members and not to replace them. No matter what AI or technology is capable of doing, nothing in the world can replace a human and human mind.

Automation supports your team by simplifying the tasks and saving their time from hours of posting and analyzing. Marketing automation offers you an ample amount of time to focus and work on curating new projects and strategies.

If all the above pointers/reasons resonate with you, then go ahead and get your business automated today.